Monday, July 15, 2013


Hey family!!!

Wow, July is here already? That is CRAZY. I'm glad to hear that you all had a great fourth of July celebration! I'm really sorry to hear about the death of that young man. Agency is a great thing; it's sad when others use it in a way that affects them so negatively. I hope his family is okay. 
the fourth here was another missionary day! Nothing too crazy. They don't do parades here but people were out barbequing so it provided for some finding opportunities. When we came home that evening, we were able to see a few fireworks from our home. So it was good :)
I don't even know what's happened this week. It's been a blur! I've decided that my transfer here with Sister Malloy has mostly been spent together soaking wet. ha. Tennessee has been really getting dumped on! When it rains, it monsoons. It's so crazy here. One of our investigators couldn't come to church because he said the roads were flooded. Well, of course we were super sad, so we decided to visit him after church because the rain had stopped. We didn't know he was literally meaning the streets were flooded! They had a crew working on it and everything. LOTS of water. Michael was so sad he couldn't attend church. He was really looking forward to it. But he was grateful that we were able to "bring church to him" as he put it since we visited him.
Another rain story; Sister Malloy and i were out tracting and the weather was just fine. Well. out of the blue it starts to POUR. so we are soaking and far from our car where our umbrellas are, so we decided to just keep tracting back to the car since we already were soaked. About a half hour later we make it back to the car. We didn't want to ruin the car by getting in when we were soaked, so we thought maybe we could get our umbrelaas and stand outside to try ringing our skirts out. Well, this provided for a fun scene for the people sitting on their porch across the street ha. Just imagine this, They are sitting outside watching the storm and they see two girls soaking wet walking to the car, pull out the umbrellas, and then just stand there for a few minutes in the rain drenched with the umbrellas now over our head. We're already soaked, defeating the whole purpose of an umbrella. They just looked at us funny and i'm pretty sure they were trying not to laugh at us. ha good times. 

Well this week has been another good one! We haven't been able to see Wilma since the last time. We're hoping to see her again this week. Kenneth came to church on Sunday and he threw out his cigarettes the last time we saw him. So he's progressing really slowly, but progressing nonetheless. 

Another random thing happned this week. Of course this was in the rain again. We were tracting and this car pulls over and a young man calls out, "Are you missionaries?" okay, so this only really happens if 1. you are a mormon 2. you know a mormon really well. He invites us to head up the hill to a Baptist BBQ. He drives off and we contemplate if that would be a good idea or a recipe fo disaster. We keep walking in the direction of the church and he drives by again with a girl in the car and they made us some food! He said, "I wasn't sure if you were going to make it, so we decided to bring you some food!" wow. so we told him we would go, and we continued walking to the church where they met us. We talked with him and it turns out his best friend growing up is Mormon and he recently left on his mission for South America. This guy we were talking to, Andrew, was telling us how sad he was that his best friend was going to leave for 2 years. But since then, he has always wanted to take care of any missionary that he sees, feed them, talk with them, be nice to them, etc because of his friend. he said he might come to our church so he can meet more of the missionaries, which would be really cool. It really shows us the power of our example to those who are around us. His friend has made a big impact on him that he will remember forever and it is influencing how he treats others who are also mormon. 

Well our mission just got bigger! We recieved a whole new zone/stake from n. carolina. The asheville stake has joined us. So our mission is getting bigger and the work is moving faster. The Lord is truly moving the work along. It's so great!

well, I just want to let you all know how much I love this Gospel. It truly has done miracles in my life and in the life of those we are teaching. I have been able to gain a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father and I have really come to know who my Savior is. As I study His life, I feel that I have been able to develop a great friendship with him. He is my best friend and I know I can trust him and rely on him in my life and in this great work. I know for a fact that this Gospel is true. many people try to tell us how wrong we are, but my faith remains unshaken. It grows stronger each day and I cannot and will not deny what I have come to know for myself to be true and that is this Gospel. 

I love ya'll and I pray you all stay safe and have a great week!

Love, sister Preston