Sunday, September 8, 2013

How are the preston's doing?????

so I just love all of you! hope all is going well! Has KC had her baby yet? :D 

So here is a happy statement: Michael came to church!

Here is another happy statement: Kandi came to church!

oh and another happy statement: Faye came to church!

3 investigators came to church! That's happy!!  So I haven't had that many investigators come to church since my first area. It is so hard to get people to come to church! We had 4 people commit to come and then 3 showed up. It was incredible.

Michael called to get his own ride, which was awesome because he's taking initiative for himself. Kandi had a member pick her up. But was was really inspiring to me was Faye.

Faye lives by herself. She's divorced and her children, in her eyes, seem to not really care. So she's alone. We've been meeting with her and I just adore her. She's always so happy to see us. We've invited her to church before, but this time we applied a new way to invite her that we learned from a training given by Elder Kopischke (I'll talk about him later). So we invited her to come to church to receive revelation; to come with a question and to get an answer. We are always teaching people that we go to church to partake of the sacrament; but at this point in their lives, the sacrament won't mean much to them because they haven't been baptized. So when we are telling them that's why we go they are thinking, "Well cool, but what's it going to do for me?" So we invited them to come to receive revelation; that ALL can receive personal revelation when they come to church.
Faye decided to come and she even had us help pick out her outfit. 
As we were waiting for our investigators to come, Michael came walking in, and then Kandi followed shortly there after. i was looking out the doors waiting, when around the corner comes Faye, walking with a big smile on her face. She was walking alone, but I felt angels walking with her. She LOOKED like an angel walking up the sidewalk with her church bag in hand and her countenanve shining. I was overjoyed. These people were coming to church to receive personal revelation from their Heavenly Father. It was incredible.
To top it off, President and Sister Irion were the speakers for this Sunday so it was AWESOME. 

The other great thing that happened this week was we had the opportunity to meet with Elder Kopischke from the Seventy for 3 1/2 hours. It was SO GOOD! It was probably one of the best meetings I have been to my whole mission. He came with Elder Hymas (the area of the seventy I think) who asked him, What are we going to speak on? To which Elder Kopischke responded, we'll just go by the Spirit. And let me tell ya, it was the most spiritual meeting ever. I could feel the spirit FILLING my soul. He asked us to come with questions in our hearts and if we felt to, we could ask them. So he truly was going off the spirit and what we needed to hear. It was a discussion, more than a talk. At the end of it all he told us, "you have all been corrected by the spirit today, and yet you are still smiling and laughing." That statement was so true. The spirit had taught us all of the many things we are doing wrong and where we need to improve, but for some reason it wasn't overwhelming and we weren't discouraged. BECAUSE THE SPIRIT WAS THERE doing the correcting. It wasn't Satan saying, wow look at all the faults you have. It was the spirit telling us where we need to improve. and that's the difference. We felt like we could leave that meeting with a deeper desire and committment to work harder and do better the rest of our mission. 
I love the spirit!
And I love all of you!

I hope everything continues to go well for all of you.have a great week! 

Sister Preston