Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sister Valerie Preston Has been in  the MTC for almost two weeks now, and is doing great here is the email we got recently.
"The mission life is great here. It is very busy but so much fun. Although we do sit a lot and eat A LOT hahaha.I may come home a rolly polly ha. Anyway, our district is so great. It´s like we became an instant family once we got here. They are all great and they have strong  testimonies. There are 3 other sisters in my district and I already love them. They are so funny. We laugh a lot.The Elders are pretty great. I was looking at how the other Elders act in our Zone and I think my district was blessed. They are all super grown up for being 19 year olds. I really appreciate them. They have treated us really well. They have told us countless times how grateful they are to have sisters in their district because they feel that we have a lot to give. It was nice to hear that because it´s not too easy beinga sister missionary. It has been so great though.We really do everything together. We all eat together, go to class together, and we always play sand volley ball for gym time. Its been so fun.
  From day one, the Lord is already showing me all my weaknesses. I have always felt like I have beena  pretty patient person. But now i realize it is something I still need to work on. It´s not  easy haveing to have my companion by my side 24-7 and going wherever she needs to go. But I´m learning. :)
Here at the MTC we have to do role plays where we teach fake investigators. We try to make it as real as possible and I feel that it has been a great tool to help us learn and teach others. Some lessons go really well and the Spirit is definitely present, and then there are times when we teach and the investigator is so stubborn! But hey, it´s all been a great experience nonetheless and I´m not going to give up on any of them.I have a message to share and its a message of happiness and a message of Christ. That is what I am here for. I wear our Savior´s name on my tag and I am a representative of Him. So I ned to work my hardest so I don´t waste any of His time.
Being a missionary is a great opportunity to give back to the Lord and help others feel of His love and find a way to return back to Him. The church is true!!!!
Anyway, I love you all and hope you are all doing great!!!Rememeber to keep the Lord in your life everyday. He is constantly watching over you and will never forget about you. You are all in my prayers everyday. Until next time! Hasta Luego!!!
Your little missionary,
Sister Valerie Preston"