Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Family!!!!
okay let's talk about General Conference for a second. Sister Cady and I started jumping up and down when they made the announcement about the missionary changes. We are SOOO excited!! Missionary work is going to explode now that they can leave earlier. Oneof our branch presidents said that as soon as President Monson made the announcement, he recieved 3 text messages from people in the branch about getting started on their papers. I am sure there were many prayers answered during this general conference. I learned a lot that we will be able to apply in this area. I loved how it was all about sharing the gospel. As we continue to work with the members, this work is going to continue to grow immensely. :)
There was so much said in general conference about sharing the Gospel. We are so excited for this work to continue. :)
Random recipe for you. easy fudge and it's delicious. one can of sweetened condensed milk and 2 big symphony bars. microwave and stir, let it sit and enjoy. it's soo good :)
Well this week I just KNOW that the Lord has been there for us. Okay, so it started last Sunday when I got sick and then sister cady has been sick all week and now that she is getting better, i'm getting sick again. But the point is, somehow we have still had the energy to work each day. The Lord has put people in our paths and the work is still continuing. Sister Cady and I were talking about how there have been certain days where we literally have felt the Lord helping us walk along the way. He gives us strength when we feel we can't go any longer. The Lord takes the reigns when we give all that we can. He will never leave us to fend for ourselves. We just need to always acknowledge Him and give our all and He will make up the difference.
So random fact for you, mom. Sister Cady's dad served the exact same mission as you! Did you ever know him? That would be pretty cool if you did. Sister cady is such a hardworker. I feel we make a good team. I know that I am the senior companion and I'm training her but she has taught ME so much. We work hard and enjoy the work while we are at it. I love being a missionary :D
We were at a members home the other day. We call her MIss Ruby. She is the sweetest lady ever. She is almost completely blind so she has to get real close to our faces to see us. But she is so funny and has the strongest testimony. We usually go over to sing hymns with her and share a message. Well, the other day we came to her apartment and when she let us in she said, "Sweeties, I need your help. I seem to have misplaced something." We replied, "Okay! What can we help you find?" She looks in our direction and says, "My bottom teeth.".....uhhh hahaha. she said they fell out when she was sleeping. ha. So i looked under her chair and low and behold they were there. So i picked them up, rinsed it off, and gave it back to her. oh tennessee, I love you.
Well the work continues! rain or shine, in sickness and in health, the Lord provides and His work is always done. I love being a missionary and I love being here in Tennessee and I love this Gospel! I truly love teaching and testifying of the Book of Mormon and I love testifying of eternal families. This church is truly the Lord's kingdom.
Continue in the small things that will keep the family strong and safe. Continue praying together and reading the scriptures together and eating meals together. Those were some of my favorite times and memories that I hold dear. I love you all!!! God bless each and every one of you!!
Sister Preston :D