Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hey Hey Hey!
SO, I absolutely love this ward that I am currently serving in. The members are incredible! So the family that I told you about last week, the do not contact member and his wife. WELL. they agreed to come to church and guess what, they did! :D
They walked in and sat in the front row and then here comes the best part, the members just kind of jumped on the situation and welcomed them right in. Brother Cox was baptized a little over 7 years ago and he hasn't been to church in like 6. But everyone remembered him and they all gave him hugs and he just had this great big smile on his face. The fellowship coming from the ward was great. The members also just welcomed Sister Cox right into the family of this ward! and their two little girls were taken care of in primary and they really enjoyed it. it was a new experience for them, but they seemed to really enjoy it. Sister Cox was just ready to go to each class and learn. :) 
So funny story. Sister Cady and i were talking about how it worries us when a sunday service is all about Joseph smith because then if an investigator comes, they may think we worship him instead of the Savior (we get accused of that here in the south). So we sit down for sacrament to begin and Bishop announces the opening song, "praise to the man".. Sister Cady and I just looked at each other. uh haha. well it turned out being a great meeting. The talks were all very inspired and they were using the bible a lot about jesus Christ and his ministry. It was wonderful!! 
After church, everyone kept telling the Cox family, "We'll see you next Sunday!" " Please come back next sunday!" and one member even invited them over for dinner next sunday. Wow. Love it

This family is just wonderful and I PRAY that they will continue to keep their commitments and progress in this gospel. I know she is ready for this. OH! Here is the other awesome part of the story. So after our lst lesson with them, The member we brought and I were talking with Sister Cox. Sister Cady was off to the side speaking with Brother Cox. Afterwards, SIster Cady told me that we had actually been an answer to Brother Cox's prayers. WHAT. Brother Cox stopped attending church when he married his wife because she is baptist and he didn't want to push her. He still read from the book of mormon and then was always praying that someone would come and soften her heart. "it took  you sister missionaries for her to open the door to it." wow. You never know when you are being an answer to someone's prayer! The Lord often does that. he answers the prayers of his children through the lives of others. How great is that. How great is our calling as members of this church! I love it.

Well family, thank you for all you do! You are truly special and I treasure each and every one of you!
Mom, thanks for the scripture! I always think about it, ever since you showed it to me when we were talking in my room before I left on my mission. You are great!

Alrighty ya'll have a fantastic week and don't freeze!!

Love, Sister Valerie Preston