Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sorry We're Behind!!!

Hey family,

So this week we had 33 other lessons! It's crazy. The average here is usually 20-25. So it was pretty fun. :) We've been teaching less actives, investigators, and trying to find new investigators every day. 
The work is continuing to press on. I know the Lord is hastening his work as more missionaries keep coming out. 

One of our investigators came to church yesterday. His name is Fred. He attends a nondenominational church called Rio. We've attended it before and it has a LOT of music (guitars, bass, beats, etc) and then there is preaching as well. It's probably 80% music and 20% preaching. But they have good values. Anyway, so we knew his experience at church was going to be extremely different from what he is used to. 
When he walked into the building, we took him on a quick tour. We expressed to him the spirit that is felt here. He paused and said with a smile, "yeah, I guess it is pretty peaceful in here." as we introduced him to everyone, he kept saying, "I'm just visiting." and he kept telling us that he's just visiting and he's not planning on joining our church. I thought it was a bit humorous that he kept saying that to everyone. They all just smiled and invited him to come back again. 
Afterwards, we asked him about the service and he seemed to have enjoyed it. He told us how different it was and that he wasn't used to that, but he was very open-minded. And we hope he comes back! He has a cousin who is Mormon that he has been talking to for some of his questions as well. So I think he'll get there :)

I continue to see the power and influence of the Book of Mormon as people read from it and apply it into their lives. There is such a power contained in that book. For our investigators who have a hard time sitting down and reading or seem to be too busy, we invite them to just read 3 verses a day. One investigator said his life started getting better since he met us. However, he did end up dropping us and we asked him if he had been reading, he hadn't. I told him that he should read 3 verses  a day to keep those blessings coming his way, ha. he laughed and said, "3 a day to keep 'em comin my way!" Thanks to the spirit and the south for that one.

Anyway, that's all I have for today. Sorry my letters are never that long. There is just always so much that goes on each day and by the time I sit down to a computer, I don't know what to write. Just know that we are continuing to work hard each and very day, I love teaching people about this wonderful Gospel! I know it is 100% true! My conversion keeps deepening and strengthening each day that I am out here as well. I can feel the spirit in my life and I know that we are being led by the Lord. I know for a fact that we could not accomplish half of the things we do each day without the Lord. He is the reason the work presses onward. It's the spirit that converts and we are here to bring the spirit and the tools that will bring these people everlasting happiness. I love it so much!
I send all of you my love.

Sister Preston