Sunday, October 27, 2013


hey hey hey!!!
That's crazy that fall is ending over there. It's just beginning over here. The leaves are just barely turning cIolors. We're so excited for it to really look like autumn soon! I love fall.
We are still teaching the boys from Haiti. ha yes, they have the jamaican/british accent. They are a lot of fun. THey are moving at a slower progression  pace, but one of them came to mutual and seemed to really enjoy it. He had waffles for the first time and carved a pumpkin for the first time. It was fun!
Mayetta and Charles are doing so good! They are seriously SO prepared. Mayetta is very excited for her baptism and Charles is praying about getting baptized with her. They both came to church yesterday and they really enjoyed it. After the sacrament was passed, I could hear her telling her husband how much she liked that. She also contributed a lot to the relief society lesson. My companions and I were teaching the lesson on missionary work and afterwards, she told her husband that she would like to do a mission one day. :) I feel so humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of this. They are definitely prepared and searching and starving for the truth. The spirit is teaching them so much. We are so excited for them!
On Saturday we had our sister's conference call. This is a call that all of the sisters throughout the mission get on to talk about changes in the mission since transfers and rules and trainings , stuff like that. Usually the departing sisters (those who are on their last transfer) give their testimonies on this call. We thought they weren't doing that anymore. However, near the end of the call, SIster Irion asked my MTC companions and I to give our testimonies. THat's when it hit me like a brick that this truly is my last transfer. It's really crazy.
I was telling another missionary the other day that I am excited to see family and really have the opportunity to apply what I have learned out here in life back at home. However, it does scare me to go back to reality where I really have to grow up and go back to school and everything. But when a missionary returns home; that is when they are truly tested in my opinion. We spend 18-24 months our here in the refiner's fire, strengthening our testimonies as we bring others to the knowledge of this truth. Then we return home, with our new conversion and our new perspective on life. The test is this; did our "nature" change or just our "behavior" while we were on our missions?
When we return home, do we go back to our old lives, or do we take on a new challenge and apply who we have become so our missions can continue to change us throughout our lives. so the Gospel can continue to change us throughout our lives. I feel that the gospel has planted itself deep within me. I know that the world will really hit us hard when we return home, but with our armor of god and who we've become, we return home as disciples of Christ. representing His name wherever we go. It will be a new adventure I'm sure.
But for now, I will continue working my very best, through the last day that I am here. I love this Gospel and I will forever be grateful for this great opportunity that I have been given to serve. Thank YOU for supporting me. I have literally had times where I have felt the prayers that have been given on behalf of the missionaries everywhere. It's incredible.
I love ya'll soooo much. Keep the faith and I'll talk to you next week. Love you and stay safe, happy, and healthy.
love always,
Sister Preston  
We had dinner at a member's home. It was Sadie's birthday (the little girl in the picture) She wanted the "princess missionaries" to come for her birthday. So we gladly came. Her birthday dinner consisted of grilled cheese, raspberries, and cheetos. love it, ha. Oh and don't forget the REALLY blue mermaid cake for dessert. Ha i love kids