Sunday, October 27, 2013

HEY!! this week!

I want to say Thank you for praying for our investigators by name. Ever since General Conference, we have been asking members to do that and we have felt the difference and seen the difference as people have prayed for specifics. Our investigators are truly progressing and we 5 investigators at church! That doesn't usually happen very often. hopefully it will keep happening in the future. The elders in our ward also had investigators for a total of 8 between all of us. So THAT was great because every companionship had people there. 

This weekend Mayetta is getting baptized! and another person, Jirah, is getting baptized. He has been taking the lessons from the Elders. So it will be  a double baptism. We are so excited. Mayetta has been improving so nicely and I'm sure that her husband will follow shortly after; especially as he sees her get baptized. It was so great when we followed up after teaching her the word of wisdom. She likes to drink coffee. We had invited her to throw it away and she hesitated and then said she would. After we taught her of the blessings of this gospel we prayed with her. Right after the prayer, she hopped up and said, "I'll be right back." She walked into the kitchen, came back out with the coffee in her hand, put on her shoes, looked at us with a smile and said, "It's not worth it." Then she proceeded to walk outside. We quickly followed as she walked over to the garbage can and simply tossed it. With a big smile on my face, I hugged her and said, "Mayetta! You tossed it like it was trash!" She smiled and responded, "It is trash!" :D It was incredible to see the spirit work with her on that. On sunday, she also received a blessing to stay strong and prepare herself for the baptism. 
The work is hastening on!

Also, last week we met a new investigator named Austin. I don't know if I told you about him. He's 14 and we met him through a less active. And he is pretty much a 2013 Joseph Smith. The first time we talked with him, he began asking us all the questions that Joseph Smith asked when he was searching for the truth. We came back and taught him the restoration. Afterwards, Austin thinks about it and then asks us, "Did I remind you of Joseph smith?"  We told him yes and he smiled. then our less active piped in and said, "Ever since ya'll left the first time, we were both talking about baptism!" haha what? our less active continues to talk, "BAPTISm baptism baptism!" That was so unexpected coming from our less active. So then....we committed him for baptism. Now he's progressing and has come to mutual and he came to church and he loved it! He felt the spirit and couldn't stop smiling. It was so great! 
Once again, The work is hastening on! 

Last thing: We had a meeting with Elder Corbridge of the 70 yesterday. It was an all day meeting. Before the meeting began, Elder Corbridge took some time to interview a few missionaries of President's choosing. So he picked a few and he gave me the opportunity to be interviewed! It was an uplifting experience as we talked and he was able to teach me one on one. I was appreciative to be able to have that opportunity. 

It's getting really chilly here now. fall is here! 
Well family, I don't know what else to tell ya. This week has just been a great one! and I still just love my companions. I couldn't ask for any better. They are such hard workers and they truly have fun. We laugh a lot :)

I love ya'll so much! Thank you for all that you do. You mean the world to me. i love you!

your little missionary
Sister Valerie Preston