Monday, November 18, 2013


This week was absolutely great!!

Mayetta was baptized on saturday and she has just been on fire. She's really being a great support for her husband as he works towards baptism for this next saturday! We are so excited for him. We called him up on saturday and explained to him that if he wanted to get baptized this next Saturday, he had to throw out all his beer. He simply said, "That shouldn't be a problem."
Then when we were all at the baptism, he was just beaming as his wife entered the waters. One of our members was talking with him afterwards and said, "you know, this works best in twos." Brother truax was just smiling and agreeing with him and our member was getting all excited as brother truax agreed. Then brother truax told him, "Ya, I'm getting baptized next saturday." :D he was telling everyone that he was getting baptized. It was exciting. Also, there were so many members there to support Mayetta. They are going to be such a strong unit for this ward and for the church. They can work on going to the Temple together! SO excited. 

Our other investigator, Austin, is still doing great. We found that when we use a lot of analogies and relations to football and cars as we teach him the Gospel, it clicks better. So that's been fun as we have been creative with our teaching style. I found that i know noting about football and he thought it was pretty hilarious. But the message still was put across and he understands :) 

Wow. I'm glad that ya'll have an Indian Summer this time around. That's great! We got a cold spell here and everyone started getting sick all over knoxville. But the weather is still great and fall is still coming! it's very subtle and beautiful. 

Are ya'll having any missionary opportunities in Rexburg? There is always missionary work to do, no matter how many Mormons live in one community haha. Even just visiting members who seem to be strong in the ward is a form of missionary work. It's so great. I am so glad that there are so many different aspects to the Lord's work because then it truly means that no one is exempt from it and that we all have something to give, no matter how small it may be. It's still important.

So I just love the Book of Mormon. As I was studying one day, I began laughing out loud during my personal studies; then my companions joined in. (It could have also been so funny because we were sooo tired) Either way, this passage was great. If you're looking for a laugh, go read Alma 27: 16-20. This is when Ammon meets up with alma after a long time of being away from each other. Ammon gets so excited...that he passes out. then the scriptures ask us, "Was this not exceeding joy?" ha yes it was!! So then i imagined my companions and I meeting up again in the future, and after talking with them, we decided that it would probably be sister benge that would pass out from excitement. They were all excited to see each other, but Ammon was the only one who lost his strength because of it. Pure joy right there. It was fun to read.

Well, I don't have much else to say, but I hope that everything goes well for ya'll this week!!!! 

Remember, stay safe, happy, and healthy!!!!
love ya'll!

Love, Sister Valerie Preston