Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Family!

This week has once again been full of blessings. The Lord has been keeping us so busy and I am so grateful or it.

Great news! Charles Truax was baptized! It was such a great day! it was wonderful to see the excitement on his wife's face. I'm not sure who was happier at that moment. They both were beaming. When brother Truax was confirmed on Sunday, the blessing was incredible. It talked about him going hand in hand to the temple with his wife! The great thing is, he has already been talking about it to his wife, so the Lord knows his heart :)
The day he was getting baptized, we were walking down the church hall and there is a picture of the Nashville temple there. I stopped him and pointed out the temple. We haven't been able to teach them much about it yet, but we told them the temple is where the family unit can be eternal. So I showed him the picture, telling him it was the temple. he said, "i was talking to my wife about that. Is there one here in this building?" So i briefly explained to him the sacredness of a temple and the difference between a church building and a temple. He nodded with a satisfied look. His spirit desires it.
So they are doing great!
Austin is also doing wonderfully. We actually moved up his baptismal date for this next Saturday. We felt that his testimony has been growing and that he is ready for baptism. We asked him if he would be ready to be baptized on the 9th of November and he just responded, "I'm ready when ya'll are!" He's been ready since day one really. It's exciting to see the excitement in his eyes. 

Also, sister Benge, sister Weirich, and I were able to do a musical number for the closing song in sacrament meeting. we sang our own arrangement of "All Creatures of our God and King" and then a member reorganized a piano arrangement last minute to accompany for us. It was beautiful. I was glad that we were able to share the spirit with everyone through music. I was also glad that I was able to do that musical number with my companions. Especially for my last fast Sunday here. It was great. 

Well family, i just love ya'll so much!! I will continue to give the Lord my all for the last few weeks i have here. 

Love ya'll!

the little sister in the south
Sister Valerie Preston