Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey family!

This week has been really good. i can't really remember what happened...but it was good! ha. missionary brain at it's finest. i can't remember anything anymore ha. 

alright, so we had the primary program on Sunday! It was very spiritual. Those little kids are so sweet and have the light of Christ radiating from them. They had a theme going on that I thought was powerful. If you've been on (if you haven't yet, you should!) there are people all over the world talking about things they do and then their belief as a mormon. So at the end they'll say something such as, "I'm a mother, a writer, I love my family, and I'm a mormon." well, the kids in the primary program incorporated that into their program and they'd say something such as, "my name is Natalie, I'm a good story teller. But most important, i am a child of God." 
Every time a child would get up and say something like that, the spirit hit the room. I loved it. 
Also, Sister Truax had injured her back and wasn't able to come to church but brother truax still came by himself. It's great to see the depth of their conversion and how much it continues to grow. They'll still come no matter what because they know it's true and it has changed their life. Brother Truax is preparing to receive the priesthood. It's very exciting. 

Austin and his family had a bit of a crisis this week and have been searching for a home. It is so sad to think of the way of life some people have to live; not knowing one day if you'll have a roof over your head the next night. It makes me realize how much I took the necessities of life for granted all of the time. I am so grateful to even have a home to live in. It truly is a blessing. But they found a home and so we'll be continuing to teach him this next week!

So here's an entertaining story for a look into our every day life. My companions and I were headed to a frozen yogurt shop. As we were walking through the parking lot, we were keeping our eye open for opportunities to talk with people. I spotted an older man taking his groceries to his car. We decided to take the opportunity and talk to him. 
As we approached him, we happily asked him if we could help him. He looked at us with a somewhat shocked expression and then asked, "What are you, the Goodwill people?" (Goodwill is comparable to the D.I. and the people who work there are usually doing volunteer service because they have to or they can't find work elsewhere..) so it was pretty funny. We then introduced ourselves and he was still kind to us and accepted a card for our website. Ha, i just love being a missionary. It's so entertaining.

Well, the missionary life is still going great. I really just want to milk this week for what it's worth. I want to continue doing all that the Lord asks of me and to continue being anxiously engaged in this work. 

Love ya'll so much!! 

Love your missionary,
Sister Valerie Preston

also, this picture is of my last district here in the mission. It's crazy. love them all so much