Thursday, October 3, 2013


hey family!!!
So this week was great! and I'm sorry, I just realized that my emails probably seem really up and down because last week no one came to church...and this week people came to church....ha so anyway, it's part of missionary work! We just keep our chins up, count our many blessings, and keep working!
I had the opportunity to attend the Relief Society Broadcast this week. I loved that every topic was centered on covenants. We really are a covenant making and keeping people. I loved when they said "You go to the Temple to make covenants. You return home to keep covenants."
Also, it was really cool because the question I brought to conference was of course answered. It works every time, no matter what the question!
we haven't been able to see bradley or elaine again, so hopefully soon!
    The great thing that happened this week was that two of our investigators from Haiti came to church and to a baptism! I don't know if I have told ya'll about them yet. We found a family who moved from Haiti a year ago. We are teaching two of the sons, Richy and Stevenson. They are teenagers and are great!! We love them so much. They definitely are from a warm country because we were teaching them in their home, it was probably 80 degrees outside and they had the heater going on inside. Needless to say, it was a very warm lesson!
    So we invited them to come to a baptism this week. When we showed up at their house, Steve wanted to come but Richy said he had a headach and steve was too shy to come by himself. We tried to get richy to come and he said, "Let me make this clear, I am not coming, but he wants to go." Well, steve built up the courage to come so he changed his clothes and then when he was ready, Sister Benge called out to richy and said, "Come on let's go!" in her super enthusiastic voice. love her. So finally in response he smiles and quickly says, "Let me go wash my face!" 
    They both came to the baptism and they really enjoyed it. Richy said that he felt good. So a member leaned over and said , "You should come to church! It feels good there too."
Richy was very glad that he came and stevenson enjoyed it too; he's just more shy.
At the baptism, one of the young men in our ward attends school with them, so he took initiative and went over to them and after chatting with them just said, "I'll pick you up for church?" They said they weren't sure and he smiled and said, "I'll pick you up."
    Sunday rolls around and we weren't sure if the boys were going to come but we were praying soo hard for them. We were looking at the doors and right before sacrament meeting began, we saw sterling come around the corner and following right behind him were our boys! It was so great! They came and they really enjoyed it.Poor Stevenson was freezing in the building so a member gave him their babies blanket haha. It was great.
The second thing that happened, was we were invited to attend a memorial for Sister Casper at the mission home. They invited the senior couples and a group of missionaries who really came to know her. They skyped Elder Casper so he could be a part of it. It was so great to hear him again. We all miss him dearly.
President asked me to share some remarks about Sister Casper since my companions and I lived with her. I was grateful for the opportunity to talk about her and Elder Casper. It was a little hard to get through, but I was grateful.
Then Sister Benge and I performed a musical number. Sister Benge has the most beautiful voice. I love it. So we did an arrangement of "Be Still My Soul." I don't know if you remember, but I was beginning to work on it before my mission. I finished it and played it for sacrament meeting. Well, Sister Benge helped me to change it so it could be a vocal piece as well. She helped make it sound so much better because she's just awesome like that. Anyway, I'm excited to show it to you! If i remember it...missionary brain gets to ya and i feel like my memory went bonkers haha.
ANyway, I love ya'll so much! Have the best week ever!!!
Love you to idaho and back to tennessee...then back to idaho....then back to many miles have i covered? Well I love ya TONS!!
Love your little missionary,
Sister Valerie Preston