Thursday, October 3, 2013


So this week was full of much excitement as we found and committed 6 investigators to church. we did everything we thought we could in order to help them attend the church service. However, after all we an do, they still have their agency. No one came to church. It was pretty sad. However, I had to keep a smile on my face because our poor little golden sister was getting so discouraged about it. I told her not to get discouraged! It would all be okay.
Agency truly is a beautiful thing and I am so grateful to have it. Our investigators do have the many opportunities to make their own decisions, and they learn from them as well. We are required as missionaries to do all that we can and then leave the rest in the Lord's hands. So it's all good. :)
We have a new couple living with us now: Elder and Sister Hunt. They are wonderful! We already love them so much. They made us breakfast Sunday morning, so we want to make them a meal sometime. I love living with a senior couple and working in a trio companionship. It truly is so fun!
I know a lot happened this week but I feel like it was a bit of a blur.
we went tracting one day and a lady named Elaine opened the door. She said that I looked familiar for so reason. She was busy at the moment so we decided we would try back another day. Well, another day came and we decided to go back. We get excited when people say we look familiar. We take it as a sign that we need to talk to them. :)
So we go back and a young man, named Bradley opens the door. He tells us that Elaine is his baby momma's mother. (welcome to tennessee...where marriage is an option). We asked him if he would be interested in listening to our message.We soon discovered that he had a lot on his plate of things that were out of his control and they were tearing at his heart. He hadn't talked to anyone about God since he was young and his grandmother died. He turned his anger to God. However, when we were talking with him, he said it felt good. He really wanted us to come back and teach him more. He then told us that this was the second time that latter day saints had knocked on his door in the middle of a crisis. The first time was when he was young with his mother. He said that Sister Weirich looked like one of the missionaries and that's why he decided to talk to us because we looked familiar. God really does place us in certain areas at certain times because certain people are ready. It's incredible. So we will be going back to teach him and he has two little beautiful girls. We're excited to teach another family :)
Well I don't have much else to tell you right now. The work is moving forward and we are being more assertive and working more with the members of the ward! It's great!
 Everyone this week (as in returned missionaries from the ward) were talking about how difficult it was for them to adjust to normal life when they got home. woot. Ha well I am committed to continue staying strong in the Gospel! I know it's going to be different but I know that God will be there with me. I'll be excited to see all of ya'll but the thought of normal life;  It's just crazy to think about, so I'm done thinking about it haha
I love ya'll so stinkin much!
Have a great week!!
Love, Sister Valerie Preston